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Capitan 015, the idea came up because the paddling control searching on a high-performance surfboard, It is been very successful design in the north side waves of Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El Salvador, This surfboard brings to me so much happiness in the creation process that become to be the most sale board ever made... Balanced - Paddling - Flotation and extra drive in the fat area cut back is the main goal of this beauty project. Capitan 015 brings control Paddling and driving, The Deck is Flat-fishy for extra flotation, nose rail is low for crispy and tail area is flatter, so the boards never sink in fat areas, single to double concave. The board can be made with 4 or 5 fins setup, and remember this Capitan 015 rips on the shore break too, "like skimboard surfing style"...


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tamarindo surfboards

Our Advantages

  • Tamarindo

    I felt that traveling to Tamarindo Beach was too far and difficult so I decided on Playa Jaco, one hour south of Boca Barranca. With my boards on my shoulder, I stopped at the first surf shop I saw and met William Johnson. He said, “Mae, I want to try those ‘bichillas’ (surfboards).” That was an awesome moment for me, receiving a compliment from the owner of a surf shop for my work.

  • Chosita del Surf Jaco

    Making good friends like Chuck Herwig a very generous and important person after relocating to Playa Jaco I found my professional distribution in the “Chosita del Surf” now W.O.W SURF) and climbed the ladder as a professional shaper of surfboards in Central America.

  • Carton Surf Shop

    I opened my own surf shop, located at south end of Jaco, and my new “glass house” is located in Herradura. I can confidently say that, thanks to my long history and the people who stuck around and are still here next to me, I have managed to create a product of international quality.

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Since 1986, We become the most experienced surfboards factory in Costa Rica

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Team Rider - Ismael Araya

We'd been sponsor and made Costa Rica surfers, since we started this adventure, In the Present time We are proud to give our surfboards to our friends and people who represent our Costa Rica surf as a champions.

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Edwin "Carton" Villalobos

As we said before, The shaper has past for many situations to become the most Costa Rica professional, Shaper. If you want to know him better , just go to his fan page in Facebook.

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